Baby and Slim Are Developing a Cash Money Biopic

Rucuss staffApril 21, 2016

Baby and Slim are taking a page from Ice Cube.

After the success of Cube’s Straight Outta Compton, Birdman and Slim are developing a biopic about the Cash Moneyl’s rise from the New Orleans’ projects to superstardom. During an interview at Brooklyn Law School, Birdman revealed that a script is in the works.

“I think that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube…I think they are geniuses for what they have done and accomplished,” Baby said. “For them to do that and to make it trend-setting, they opened doors for us. And I just think that what we have is way more special, because we’re in modern times.”

The film will feature some never-before-told stories.

“This is gold,” Slim said. “There’s a lot of things that people don’t know that we went through, things that happened behind the scenes of the company, things that happened before we were with Universal. So we got a lot of stories, but the way I’m putting it together is gonna be great.”

There is no timetable for the biopic just yet. In addition to the Cash Money biopic, Birdman announced plans for two new albums this summer—his solo project Ms. Gladys and a Rich Gang 2 compilation.

Listen to Baby’s interview below.


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