Birdman Will Bet $5 Million On New England Patriots To Win Super Bowl!

Rucuss staffJanuary 25, 2012

Birdman will be sweating bullets during Super Bowl 46.

The Young Money honcho claims he will bet $5 million dollar on the New England Patriots to win the championship. With his Green Bay Packers out of the picture, the rapper is backing the Patriots all the way. Birdman made headlines a year ago when he successfully bet $1 million on the Packers to win.

His family ties to the Patriots may have also weighed in on his decision. Birdman tweeted that Patriots running back Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis was his nephew. Green-Ellis rushed for 68 yards and scored a touchdown during the Patriots 23-20 playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 22.

Birdman will be sick if the Patriots lose. That’s a lot of money to hand over. New England plays the New York Giants in the championship game on Feb.5.


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