Birdman’s Baby Mama Got Paid $20K to Poop On Camera?!

Rucuss staffApril 4, 2016

A woman by the name of Grace Chavez accepted an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Chavez, whose Instagram name is Griceladachavez, is well-known in the entertainment circle. She’s the alleged ex-lover of Draya Michele, Snoop Dogg’s alleged side piece and Birdman’s rumored baby mama. She also used to date Damon Thomas from BMF.

Chavez is being put on blast for allegedly performing sexual acts for money. According to, the video vixen was paid $20,000 to perform a sexual fetish for someone she did not know.

A website that is known for setting women up to perform weird sexual fetishes, contacted Chavez and offered her $20,000 to get naked and poop on camera.


In the messages, Chavez isn’t opposed to the offer. Check it the exchange below.


Then the sender of the email informed her that he’ll fly her to Dubai and give her $30,000. Chavez requests to see a sample video.

Photos via Instagram


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