Biggie’s Daughter Remembers His Legacy With Tattoos [Photos]

Rucuss staffJanuary 14, 2013

The Notorious B.I.G. has been dead for over a decade but his legacy lives on through his music and children.

His daughter T’yanna Wallace has a few tattoos to remember her father in a permanent way. T’yanna shared a “B.I.G.” lip tattoo with the caption: “Business instead of games!” After her latest tattoo went viral, she tweeted, “LMAO NAH WORLDSTAR TOO! NOW YA”LL ODING LIKE YALL NEVER SEEN A LIP TAT.”

Check out the tattoo below.

T’yanna, who graduated high school in 2011, got her first tattoo in honor of Biggie during the summer. She posted the photo below with the caption: “But B.I.G. did it the best.”


T’yanna makes it clear that she’s not trying to capitalize on her dad’s fame. Her Twitter byline states, “I’m T’yanna. My dad is famous, not me :).”

T’yanna’s mother Jan Jackson and Biggie dated before he married singer Faith Evans.

Biggie also has a son, Christopher Wallace, Jr. with singer Evans. Watch T’yanna and her mother talk about Biggie below.


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