Beyonce Threatens to Kick Fan Out of Concert After He Smacks Her on the Butt [Video]

Rucuss staffMay 28, 2013

Beyoncé’s bootylicious figure got one Copenhagen, Denmark fan a too overzealous during her concert.

The male fan slapped Beyoncé on her backside during her concert Monday night. As Beyoncé strutted down the stage in her catsuit singing, Irreplaceable, a man standing in the front row joined in for part of the chorus. “To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left …”

And when Beyoncé began to retreat to walk upstage, the man reached out and gave Jay-Z’s wife a slap on her butt. Bey quickly turned around and told the man, “I will have you escorted out of here now … all right” before she launched back into the song.

You have to give credit to the fans for having balls to do a gesture like that. Watch it go down below.

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