Beyonce Reveals Plans For The Holidays

Rucuss staffDecember 22, 2011

Beyonce admits that most of the gifts under the Christmas tree is for her and Jay-Z’s unborn child.

The pregnant pop singer was spotted shopping at Curye in New York on Wednesday. She looked comfy in $635 Ocelot animal print leggings, a loose fitted black shirt, a $5295 Ocelot printed leather jacket, and $1275 buckled oxford booties.

On what she got her unborn child for Christmas:
“I can’t say, it has to be a surprise! Seriously, though, we both keep seeing super-cute stuff for the baby, so I am sure even our presents for each other will involve the baby in some way!”

Kelly [Rowland] has been so busy buying gifts for the baby, I think she might forget to buy for me this year! She is always seeing cute gifts for the baby in London.”

Oh her plans for the holidays: 

I will be with family. We  are both so busy throughout the year that Christmas is just a time to relax with  family and count the many blessings in your life. Christmas Day is a no-TV zone.  We just like to sit and talk together as a family.”

Check out photos from her shopping spree.

Beyonce IN NYCbeyonce In NYC

Beyonce IN NYC


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