Beyonce Reveals How She Came Up With The Name Blue Ivy [DETAILS]

Rucuss staffApril 5, 2012

Beyonce and Jay-Z have launched a personal Tumblr page featuring some of the most intimate and personal pictures of their family.

It’s a page filled with collages of Bey and Jay’s lavish vacations, what goes on backstage, and special quality time between the two. There are also a few videos that shed light on a few things. That Beyonce is a great Connect Four player and she has a secret handshake that she uses with her close friends.

But one particular video explains how the famous couple allegedly came up with the name of their baby girl, Blue Ivy. Beyonce, who appears to be pregnant in a bikini, explains how she took a walk one morning and came up with the name.

“I woke up this morning and took a nice little walk,” Beyonce said. “And we passed by this  beautiful blue tree. I think it’s Blue Ivy, which is quite appropriate.”

So the theories that the couple named their child Blue Ivy because of the Illuminati doesn’t appear to be true. Remember that rumor?

Ivy = illuminati’s very youngest. Blue = born living under evil. Ivy Blue spelled backwards is Eulb Yvi, which is Latin for “Lucifers daughter. Blank Stare!

There’s another rumor that apparently is not true either. Remember this one?

Blue was supposedly a tribute to Jay-Z, whose birth name is Shawn Carter. It’s his favorite color. It also symbolizes inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.

The name “Ivy” comes from the plant that symbolizes eternity. The couple also chose Ivy because of the significance of the number “4″ or “IV.” Both Beyonce and Jay-Z were married and born on the fourth day.

The media and bloggers actually put too much thought in the name. As it turns out, baby Blue is named after a tree.

Watch the video below.


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