Beyonce Goes Back in Time, Rocks Long Blonde Braids at Party [Photos]

Rucuss staffJuly 18, 2012

Beyonce showed off a new look at Nas’ Life Is Good release party at Bagatelle in New York City on Monday.

Beyonce did her best to avoid the cameras to allow her husband Jay-Z to shine during the event. But onlookers were able to secretly snap a few photos without her knowing. Bey, who usually wears wigs and weave, was seen with blonde braids while dancing and talking with a friend in a corner during the night.

Designer Orly Shani, who was in attendance at the party, went on Twitter to talk about meeting Beyonce at the event. She tweeted,”So Beyonce stood off to the side while her man posed for pics. I went up to say Hi and ask for a pic… She smiled wide + said “sorry baby I’m not taking pictures tonight..what’s ur name?” then put her hand out and introduced herself. #classact

Shani added,”Yes Beyonce had long, blonde braids all pulled back in a pony tail. No makeup  except a pretty deep berry lip. Gorgeous girl. I gotta say, I kinda loved how Beyonce stood back, laughing with a friend,  while her man enjoyed the spotlight. #strongmarriage

The braids are a throw back from Beyonce’s beginnings with Destiny Child. Bey used to wear blonde/light brown braids all the time.

Photo via SheSoMajor


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