Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter Released From Hospital, Now What?!? A Few Predictions Of What to Expect

Rucuss staffJanuary 10, 2012

Beyonce and Blue Ivy have been released from the hospital.

Bey, Jay-Z and baby Blue left Lenox Hill Hospital in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in a van with blacked-out windows. The couple made a quick exit from the side gate of the hospital.

According to the New York Daily News, a van parked on a nearby corner reversed into the loading dock, and the large roll-down gate closed. Minutes later, the gate reopened and the van drove out, turned the wrong way on the one-way 76th St., and then headed north on Park Ave.


So Beyonce has left the building, now what? We’re pretty sure if she actually had the baby she’s home getting some much-needed rest, while her family and paid staff help care for baby Blue.

We know Jay-Z is not helping much being that he left the hospital after the child was born to record the song, “Glory.” AWKWARD!! I mean who does that?!

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But let’s forget about Jay-Z for a moment. Let’s try to think like Beyonce. What does a millionaire do after her pregnancy? In a couple of days, Beyonce will probably schedule an appointment with a good plastic surgeon.

Beyonce will want her stomach back to its original form. Six weeks after the surgery, she’ll squeeze back into her fitted clothes and high heels and be the envy of many. She’s already on course to do it. Two days before she had the baby she was walking around New York with heels on.

There were reports she was on a partial vegan diet during her pregnancy. We’re guessing she starved herself. But to be fair, she probably had a great nutrionist to help her though the nine months.

Next, Beyonce will probably catch up on all the rumors surrounding her pregnancy and her delivery. Bey and Jay will probably compare notes and laugh about what’s true and what’s false. But we’re guessing when she reads the rumor about Jay naming the baby after his alleged ex-fling Blu Cantrell, Beyonce’s blood pressure will go through the roof.

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Finally, will the couple have a change in heart over the baby’s name? There are so many explanations behind the name Blue Ivy. But the couple can still change the baby’s name if they want. They have yet to explain the meaning behind the name.

But the way Jay-Z repeatedly says ‘GLORY’ in his new song, they may want to change the name to GLORY! Just sayin!


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