Beyonce Almost Gets Pulled Off Stage By Fan [Video]

Rucuss staffSeptember 16, 2013

Beyonce will definitely remember the Mrs. Carter World Tour for years to come.

While on tour Bey has been slapped and had her wig stuck in a fan. And now she can add almost being pulled off stage to the list. While performing Irreplaceable in São Paulo, Brazil over the weekend, a man rushed up the stage and pulled her down.

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Beyonce was able to break free and continue performing. But her security jumped in to deal with the situation. Instead of kicking him out, Bey came to his defense and told her crew to calm down and let the kid stay.

“He just got excited. It’s all right,” Beyonce said, while reaching out to shake his hand. The Grown Woman singer asked for his name and told him “I love you too” before continuing with the show.

Watch the incident below


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