Beware of Bootleg Ciroc: There Ain’t No Watermelon Flavor Man! [Details]

Rucuss staffFebruary 1, 2012

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs got some disturbing news last night.

The Ciroc frontman received word from BET host Big Tigger that he saw a Ciroc watermelon flavor being sold on Tuesday night. Of course, it baffled the Bad Boy CEO because he knew Ciroc only had four flavors and watermelon was not one of them. Peach, coconut, redberry and original are the only flavors offered by the vodka brand.

Diddy quickly posted on his Twitter page to warn his followers that the watermelon flavor is a fake! Diddy tweeted:

“My boy Big Tigger just called me to tell me they’re bootlegging Ciroc-with a fake watermelon flavor! That’s some funny shit! Lol.

Attn Ciroc Boyz+Girlz! There are only 4 flavors of Ciroc-Peach,Coconut,Redberry+Original. Spread the word! Anything else is an imposter! 🙂

I’ve heard of bootleg Chanel,bootleg Gucci-but this is a 1st! Ciroc-The 1stVodka to have an imposter 🙂 Dont be fooled-Peach,Coconut,Redberry+Original are the ONLY Ciroc Flavors!”

So now you know. Proceed with caution.


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