Bench Warrant Issued for Terrell Owens

Rucuss staffNovember 5, 2011

A California judge has issued a bench warrant for Terrell Owens.

Owens did not show up for a scheduled child support hearing  on Oct. 24. T.O. claims he wasn’t trying to dodge one of his baby’s mothers, but that he was preparing for a public workout session with hopes of getting a NFL contract. Unfortunately for T.O., he’s still waiting on that contract.

Owens tried his best to reschedule the hearing but his baby’s mother refused, TMZ reports.

TMZ reports:

As far as the child support payments are concerned, T.O’s rep says … “Mr. Owens pays child support payments for his 4 children. The amounts  are based on his 2007 Cowboys income of $11-$12 million a year.”

T.O. claims the payments are unfair because he was making 1/5 of the money when he was playing for the Bengals after he left Dallas … and currently has “no income.”

The rep concludes, “Mr. Owens is working to resolve all of these matters and appreciates his fans’ support. We are confident that Mr. Owens will be signed this  season to the NFL and all of his child support payments will be modified fairly according to his true income.”

Owens has had a rocky couple of months. An alleged drug overdose, money woes and now a warrant for his arrest. Owens also has a $2 million lawsuit against former financial advisors.

We hope he keeps his head up through this mess, or is taking the proper medication to deal with his troubles.

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