Behold, $19,000 For Shoelaces Made of 24-Carat Gold

Rucuss staffOctober 25, 2011

Ever heard of Mr. Kennedy?

No, we’re not talking about a person but a shoelace brand. Mr. Kennedy is selling 24-carat gold shoelaces for $19,000 a pair. Creator Colin Hart designed the shoelaces using ancient, artisan jewelry techniques. Each pair will be handmade by Colombian workers, which will take 120 hours to produce.

The company is anticipating the shoelaces to be such a hit that there is a limit of 10 per purchase. Your gold strings will be delivered by security who will lace them up in your favorite pair of shoes anywhere in the world.

“Shoelaces are so boring and my gut is that people who have a love of the ‘practical made special’ will buy them,” Hart told MSNBC. Hart claims to have already sold a pair to someone in the rap industry, but he didn’t give a name.

If silver is more your thing, you can own a pair of silver laces for $3,000. The price is still expensive but it pales in comparison to $19,000.

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