Bears Wide Receiver Sam Hurd Arrested, More Players Could Be Involved

Johnnie WaltersDecember 16, 2011

Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd is probably crying his eyes out in his cell.

Its more than likely he’s balled up in a fetal position looking at the cement walls wondering why did he do it. But its a little to late for the sob story now.

Hurd was arrested in Chicago on federal drug charges on Wednesday night for dealing large amounts of drugs in Chicago, the Dallas Morning News reports. He allegedly attempted to purchase cocaine and marijuana from an undercover agent (supplier) in North Texas. He was arrested outside a Chicago steakhouse with 500 grams of cocaine with intent to distribute.

These events are baffling to most because how can a NFL player who has spent many years in the league screw up his career on foolishness? Hurd just signed a three-year deal worth close to $3 million in July. His signing bonus was $1.3 million.

Was he in a financial bind that bad where he needed to allegedly pedal drugs? Your innocent until proven guilty by the court, but the Feds’ evidence against Hurd is very damaging. The Feds claim Hurd has been a dealer for quite sometime now. And as it turns out, one of his boys gave him up when he was stopped by police in July.

A confidential informant told police that a man was attempting to obtain four kilograms of cocaine for an unknown buyer in Dallas. That man was later stopped by police with $88,000 in a canvas bag. Hurd’s buddy then said the money belonged to Hurd. Police confiscated the money, and can you believe that Hurd actually called authorities trying to get the money back?

This incident alone should have stopped Hurd in his tracks but he continued with his operation. Little did he know, so did the Feds investigation. Hurd allegedly had conversations with an undercover agent about receiving up to 10 kilograms of cocaine and a half ton of marijuana per week “for distribution in the Chicago area.”

Hurd was willing to pay $25,000 per kilo of cocaine and $450 per pound for the marijuana. Hurd allegedly handled the high-end deals and wanted the transaction to happen on “Mexican cellphones” because he didn’t think the Feds could track those conversations. The Feds probably got a kick out of that statement when they heard it via their tapped software.

The end result, Hurd’s wife and child are alone. His teammates are preparing for their next game without him. His arrest may bring charges against other NFL players, CBS Chicago reports. Police have a list of names that are in the double digits.

Hurd has hired high-profile defense attorney David Kenner. Kenner defended rapper Snoop Dogg against murder charges and he was found not guilty. So maybe he can do his magic with Hurd’s case.

We’ll just have to wait and see the outcome. One thing is for certain, Hurd’s NFL playing days are coming to an end.

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