Battle Over Rihanna: Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Drake Have War Of Words On Twitter

Rucuss staffMay 29, 2012

Pop star Rihanna is sitting back with popcorn and enjoying the fire works.

RiRi has made it clear that she could careless what people have to say about her love life. She continues to date and f-ck who she wants. But that hasn’t stopped her alleged men in her current and past life to go at it over the superstar.

Her former boyfriend Chris Brown, her alleged fling Meek Mill and her former jump-off Drake exchanged subliminal tweets over RiRi. The war of words began when Meek Mill was rumored to have had a fling but the rapper quickly denied it. He let the world know he had a longtime girlfriend.

But that didn’t stop him from going back on his intial statment and confirming that the rumors were true. Mill was upset that Brown allegedly took him off his song Dont Judge Me. He let his emotions get the best of him and tweeted on May 26:

Mill, later, deleted the tweet but it wasn’t before Brown heard about it. Brown never directly said Mill’s name but he allegedly responded with:

Meek Mill then tweeted:

After a few subliminal tweets were exchanged, Drake put in his two sense. He tweeted:

Drake then followed the tweet with another one:

Brown, who is notorious for going off on Twitter and then deleting his posts, tweeted:

Once Rihanna got wind of the situation she chimed in. The You Da One star tweeted:

Meanwhile, Rihanna was spotted with Drake holding hands at Liv nightclub in Miami.

And so the love triangle continues….


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