Basketball Wives: Shaunie Sets the Record Straight About Kimsha

Rucuss staffOctober 2, 2011

The drama continues to unfold with the Basketball Wives franchise.

Lask week, Kimsha Artest allegedly gave Shaunie O’Neal a piece of her mind on her Facebook page for excluding her from scenes on the current season of Basketball Wives LA. Now, O’Neal is ready to respond to all rumors, including the one about the two ladies fighting.

O’Neal sat down with Madame Noire for an interview and addressed all rumors including what she thinks about cast members.

What’s your relationship with Kimsha?

We’ve never met, so there is no relationship.  I’ve met Ron [Artest] before a couple of times, but never Kimsha, ever.  I can’t say anything about her because I don’t know her. I don’t know how you fight someone who you’ve never met nor talked to. We’ve never been in the same place at the same time that I know of. And I would never ever fight somebody, I guess you’d have to meet them first to do that, and that’s never happened.

So, I really don’t know where all that came from. It’s funny though, because she took a jab at Jen over her Facebook and Jen has never met or talked to her either, so we were clueless where it all came from. So I’ve brushed it off like ‘oh well, whatever’. You know, I was out last night and many people saw me. I will be traveling this weekend. I have appearances in Houston and Dallas. And clearly I have not been in any altercation. It would have to be the ghost of Kimsha that I have yet to meet.

Was Kimsha cut from Basketball Wives LA?

Well yeah, last I knew, she’s still on the show.  I’m honestly very hands off with Basketball Wives L.A. I did not cast, nor did I care to cast. I could care less who’s on the show. When they were casting, I was very hands off.  LA was already cast by the time I heard the line up and we were still filming in Miami. Miami is my baby, it’s my focus.

Have you tried to call her to talk about it?

No, I don’t see why I would need to. I’m not saying I don’t care about her, but their show is done taping. The show is on air.

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Rumors began to go rampant about O’Neal and Artest after her alleged comments hit the internet. Her alleged comments posted on Facebook:

“I see they cut me off the show and left buckle ass b*tches. Shaunie O’neal  can kiss my ass. She kisses ass to that Evelyn b*tch and gets the b*tch  who  f**ked her husband and cut her a cheque but can’t handle a real  woman, FOH!”

But Ron Artest quickly tried to deny that his wife Kimsha posted those comments. Despite there being a Facebook page under Kimsha Artest’s name that promotes the Basketball Wives LA show with personal pictures uploads and t-shirt sales with the phrase “Buckle a** b*tches.” Metta World Peace claims the page is fake.

“My wife is not on Facebook the media is reporting,” Artest tweeted. “She loves shaunie oneal and all the cast on basketball show. Don’t believe any negative comments you here about Kimsha Artest. She is happy to be working with viacom and vh1. Kimsha Artest on Facebook is fake. I will not post her real fb. But that one is fake!!”

O’Neal also talked about other cast members and what she thinks about how the franchise is portrayed.

What is your connection to BBW-L.A.?

It is completely business wise. Because it is a part of the Basketball Wives franchise, I absolutely want it to be successful, and it is successful.

What can we expect from this new season of BBW-Miami?

We’re going to be in different locations this season. We’re trying something new. We’re going to spend about six weeks in New York and film there for a while. We’re going to go to Miami, and I think we’re going to try to spend a few weeks here in LA.

Why is that?

Tami moved to L.A. and I live in L.A. Evelyn’s daughter recently moved to LA to go to school, and Suzie has family in LA. So the connection to L.A. is very strong. My life is in L.A. I travel all the way to Miami to film Basketball Wives, none of my family is there. My friends are on the show. I’m going there to see them. This next season we hope to shoot in L.A. and you’ll get more of my life, kids, boyfriend, and parents.

Would there ever be an intermixing between the L.A. and Miami cast?

I doubt it. No.

Are there any more extravagant international trips planned for the Miami crew?

Yes, well we are going to go somewhere fabulous. We don’t know where yet, but that’s always a highlight. We’re going to pick somewhere super-duper fabulous that we wouldn’t do by ourselves.  We have three locations that we’re deciding on in our pre-production meetings. So I have a few ideas that I want to try to encourage the girls to see if they want to go.

What would you change, if anything about BBW-Miami?

I would have liked to seen different situations handled better. I would have liked nobody to put their hands on each other. It’s natural to disagree and have an argument though. I would like to see everybody’s philanthropic events showed, too. They’ve been filmed but they’re overlooked and overpowered by the drama, because you know people like the drama. I’m pushing that for season four.

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