Basketball Wives’ Shaunie O’Neal And Tami Roman Address Boycott [Details]

Rucuss staffApril 27, 2012

Basketball Wives executive producer Shaunie O’Neal has had to defend the show’s decision to show violence the last few weeks.

Now, O’Neal has come forward to give her thoughts about the petition that has been circulating online to boycott VH1’s Ev and Ochocino show. Some one created a petition to boycott the show because she along with other fans are tired of the bullying that Evelyn Lozada is subjecting everyone to.

“Evelyn is a bully. The violence on Basketball Wives is horrible and disgraceful,” the creator of the petition that you can sign here said. “This is not a hate petition against Evelyn. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not OK for women to hit each other on TV.”

Evelyn Lozada Is Hated by Fans, Show Gets Boycotted! [Details]

O’Neal sat down with Hip Hollywood explained that she doesn’t feel Evelyn’s behavior is considered bullying.

“Sometimes it can be a bit of bullying going on because of the personalities being a lot stronger. You know like Evelyn’s personality is a lot stronger than Jen’s, so it does seem like its bullying. But I don’t think Jen would think she’s bullied. I don’t think she would want to take that role of being bullied, because I think she is strong in her own way. It’s just a different way of dealing with it.

People are like ‘Why do you let people say this and that?’ They are grown women but at the same time I will say, ‘You really need to bring that down like 17 notches like I don’t see why you need to come in at 50! You need to come in at like 13. Lets talk it out, let’s use our words’ , but it never ever works! Never works!”

Tami Roman sat down with Sister 2 Sister magazine and she had a different opinion on the matter. She believes if anyone was to blame for their childish antics and how they are being portrayed on the show, it should be the producers of the show.

“I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control, Tami told S2S. “Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle. Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process?”

Tami added,“I come with my storyline and things that I want to introduce and lo and behold what they want to show are those dramatic moments. There is more to us. I have thought about leaving. I would love to see a season 5 where VH1 and Shed Media are called out to show more positive things that we’re doing and show us how we are 90 percent of the time, instead of how we are 10 percent of the time. I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note.”

I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note. What they are seeing is a part of my personality. I’m not trying to take back my actions, but that’s not who I am all the time.”

When asked what she thought about the incident involving Evelym, Nia Crooks and Jennifer. Tami chose not to point fingers because she’s had to deal with her own drama on the show.

“I can’t judge Evelyn [Lozada].” Tami said. “She has to work toward change. People don’t give us the benefit of the doubt or take that into consideration. Did Evelyn need to run over the table? Maybe not. Did Nia have to go over and slap Jennifer? Maybe not. I still don’t believe that warrants this big all-out movement against women who are really just showing our lives.”

Watch Shaunie’s interview with Hip Hollywood below.


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