Basketball Wives: Royce Reed Will Return For Another Season

Rucuss staffOctober 19, 2011

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has had a change of heart.

After announcing on her Twitter page last week that she would not return for another season, the pint-size baby mama of Dwight Howard now wants to return. After minutes of contemplating or lack their of, she’s decided to comeback afterall.

Reed tweeted:

Well, As stated last week pertaining 2 BBW season 4 tht things may change & after SEVERAL conversations I have decided 2 return for Season 4

How much, I don’t know because I won’t compromise my career. I was NEVER cut/fired & my decision to return is solely based on negotiations, & messages from my fans. I love y’all & u will see a different side of  me Season 4. #ImOuttie

Last week, Reed posted that she wouldn’t return because of artistic differences. But what kind of artistic differences can you have on a reality show? Many believe it had more to do with money. Castmate Evelyn Lozada allegedly was the first to hold out until she received a pay increase last season.

We hear the producers of Basketball Wives are fed up with the cast’s salary demands. Don’t be surprised if you see a entirely new cast after this upcoming season.

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