Basketball Wives LA: Laura and Bambi Get Into Twitter Beef! [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 30, 2012

Drama continues to unfold on Basketball Wives LA.

This time, the beef is between Laura Govan and new cast member Bambi. On Monday night’s episode, the tension between the two women reached an all time high when Bambi assumed Laura wanted to meet her at a park to fight.

Although Laura only wanted to talk to Bambi about their issues, she wore her tights and tennis shoes just in case. The two women talked about the misunderstanding, but nothing really got resolved.

Bambi believes Laura is two-faced for acting like Jackie Christie’s friend while talking behind her back. Laura failed to get Bambi to see things her way. While the episode aired, the two women exchanged a few words on Twitter.

The Twitter beef began when Laura cracked a joke on Bambi about wearing braids. Check out the entire exchange below.

Watch the park scene below.

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