Basketball Wives Kimsha Artest Goes Off on Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada and Laura Govan

Rucuss staffSeptember 27, 2011


What happened to Kimsha Artest?

You know Ron Artest’s wife who has been missing from the last few episodes of Basketball Wives LA. She was a fan favorite of the show with her quirky comments about the Los Angeles lifestyle, but since the first two episodes she’s been missing in action.

Many believed Kimsha was cut from the show along with Tanya Williams. But despite fans inquiring on her Facebook page, she remained silent.

“I’m getting asked a lot of questions,” Kimsha said. “I ain’t got time for the bullsh*t. It is what the f*ck it is. Ya’ll need to take it to Ms Shaunie. I will keep my  mouth zipped right now.”

But its apparent Kimsha has had a change of heart, because she let a few of the cast members have it today. She decided to go in on Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada and Laura Govan.

“I  see they cut me off the show and left buckle a– b*tches. Shaunie O’Neal can kiss my a**, she kisses a** to that Evelyn b*tch and gets the b*tch who f*cked her husband and cut her a check but cant handle a real woman.  FOH!”

POW!! Don’t mess with Kimsha! Pretty sure more fireworks will come from these comments.

Kimsha and Ron Artest married in 2003 but quietly divorced in 2009. They share joint custody of their three kids.

Check this interview out. Kimsha spoke with DivaD about the Basketball Wives, Earrings, her book and her daughter’s cancer.


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