Basketball Wives: Jennifer Williams Is Not Invited to Evelyn Lozada’s Wedding

Rucuss staffJune 28, 2012

Basketball Wives stars Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams may have bury the beef during the taping of the reunion show, but it appears that is as far as their relationship goes.

Although, the former best friends shed a few tears and hugged in the final minutes of the show, Jennifer is still not invited to Evelyn and Chad Ochocinco’s wedding in July.

“We’re not like ‘oh hey, come be a bridesmaid at my wedding,” Evelyn told Euroweb. “I can’t do that. She hasn’t been invited because everything just happened … there were things that were said about Chad in interviews and that’s where a lot of all of this drama stems from. I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.”

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Evelyn explains that their has been a lot of negative press surrounding her engagement to Chad and Jennifer was a part of it.

“People had a lot of negative things to say and she was one of those people that just wasn’t … and that’s what hurt me the most because I’m like ‘We’ve been friends,” she said. “Even if I felt this way about your man, I’m not gonna publicly say that because that’s you’re man. And that’s what bothered me.”

evelyn lozada & jennifer williams

While many fans hope the two would rekindle their old friendship for the sake of the show, Evelyn admits that they are far from laughing and hanging out like in the past.

“The bottom line is I took that opportunity to bury the hatchet,” Evelyn said about their makeup fest during the reunion show. “I buried the hatchet because not only was it negative energy and just so much drama. I didn’t want to continue with the fighting and the arguing. So I apologized.”

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Evelyn added,”So after that I told her I said ‘I meant what I said.’ And she was like ‘Thank you.’ She wished me a happy Mother’s Day. But, you know, there is still legal things going on with friends of hers that I’m friends with. It’s a touchy situation…I’m not saying we’re not never gonna be friends again, but one step at a time. That’s the only thing that I can say, one step at a time.”


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