Basketball Wives: Imani Showalter’s Ex Stephen Jackson Wants Her to Move On

Rucuss staffDecember 9, 2011

NBA player Stephen Jackson wants his ex-fiance Imani Showalter to move on with her life.

The Port Arthur, Texas native sat down with The Joy Daily Show and gave his opinion on Showalter being on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Jackson couldn’t understand why Imani hasn’t dated since their breakup. He also believes Shaunie O’Neal is the only one making money on the show and she’s basically pimping the women.

Jackson and Showalter had a two-year relationship that produced two kids. The two were set to get married in 2005 but Jackson allegedly back out 30 minutes before the wedding because Imani wouldn’t sign a prenup. His family reportedly stood up and applauded when they announced the wedding was off.

Here’s a few excerpts from his interview with The Joy Daily Show:

On what he thinks about the show:
Well, I have two kids by a woman that’s on the show and I really don’t have a problem with it. If she can benefit from it and not put my kids to look bad in any light then I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not affecting me at all. They can go on there and say what they want. It’s not going to affect me. At the end of the day, we weren’t really married so she’s not really a housewife.

On Imani not dating since they broke up:
That’s weird ain’t it? I’m married. It’s been a long time. I don’t won’t no props for that. Move on with your life. I’m married and I’m fine. Don’t worry about me and do  your thing. I don’t want you.

On if the title of the show is misleading:
It should be “Women That Slept With Guys In The NBA.” What’s the girl’s name? Deadra? Deja? [Draya] should be the star if that’s the case because half of them wasn’t married. I thought if you look up the definition of ‘housewife’ it says you’re married, you don’t work and you live at home.

Do you watch the show?
Nah, I don’t watch it. I’ve talked to her [Imani] about it a couple of times, but I could care less as long as my kids are okay.

On his kids being on the show:
They were on the show one time. They were drawing and it wasn’t nothing. I wouldn’t get offended anyway because my kids are young and anything they do is not intentional. They don’t know what they’re doing. I love my kids and it’s nothing my kids can do to hurt me and it’s really nothing she can do to hurt me.

On why he feels the show became successful:
Reality TV sells. Drama sells. Controversy sells. If they’re going to give you $40,000 to go on TV and make an ass out of yourself, people are going to watch it.

So you think they’re making an ass of themselves?
What do you think? The only one making money is Shaunie. I give her props because she’s pimping them all. She hasn’t looked bad in one show and I commend her for that. I commend all those women for getting money, being hungry and grinding. I’ll never deny any woman from getting her money.

On if he thinks Shaunie is exploiting the women on the show:
You can’t say that she’s exploiting them. She’s making money! It’s a business. You can’t blame her for the way they look on the show because at the end of the day, they’re all grown women. So any situation they are in, they put themselves in. They signed those contracts to go on the show, so you can’t blame Shaunie for none of that. All of those women on that show are over 25, over 30, and some of them over 40 and they’re lying. At the end of the day, they know what they’re doing and the blame is soley on them.

Watch the interview below:

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