Basketball Wives’ Brittish Williams’ Fiance Cheating On Her?!

Rucuss staffMarch 1, 2014

Basketball Wives LA star Brittish Williams’ fiancé Lorenzo Gordon is reportedly cheating on her.

Only two episodes into season 3 and rumors have surfaced that Lorenzo is cheating on Brittish with an aspiring model from Houston. A source tipped off about the relationship.

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The source claims Lorenzo is sleeping with a woman named Nini. The spy detailed information about the fling, along with evidence.

nini pic

Bossip reports:

“They met in the lobby of a hotel in Houston, not long after he finished shooting “Basketball Wives,” a source close to the situation tells BOSSIP exclusively.

“He was on his way to Argentina to play basketball but his flight had been delayed.” According to the insider, Brittish is still unaware of the affair.

“When they first met he lied and said she was just his girlfriend,” our insider dished. “After he was called out for having a tattoo on his finger he admitted they were engaged but he said he didn’t want to marry her because she wouldn’t sign a prenup and that everything was for the show.”

The source added, “To my knowledge the affair is still ongoing.” And it’s not just he-say/she-say… We’ve got photos of Lorenzo buying condoms at the gas station and a few text messages between the two.

It appears Nini kept records of her interactions with Lorenzo. The source has photos of the baller, along with plenty of alleged text messages.

Lorenzo bedroom

Read a few of the alleged text messages between Lorenzo and Nini below.

lorenzo nini text 1

lorenzo nini text 2

lorenzo nini text 3

lorenzo nini text 5

Read more of the text messages over at Bossip.

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