Azealia Banks, Jhonni Blaze Exchange Insults on Social Media

Rucuss staffMarch 27, 2016

Azealia Banks is in another social media feud.

This time, Banks is in the midst of a war of words with Jhonni Blaze and Cyn Santana. It’s unclear where this whole thing started but and exchange began when Blaze posted a picture of Banks with struggle edges.

Blaze posted the photo below with the caption: “You need a huge hug. I have changed so much and I’m in a happy mind frame. But this girl is just always angry. Where is your album at??? Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge. You’re so pretty but just like they told me if I don’t change my attitude it’ll make you ugly.”


Banks replied in the comments, “That picture is four years old. Who are you again? Oh that’s right you’re the trash thot with the weird nose. Another loosy pussy bitch in $10 spandex. Got it,” she followed up.


Banks continued, “Hi my name is Jhonni Blaze and I have persistent yeast infections. Please log on to my to donate money to buy me a Monistat.”

Blaze’s former Love N Hip Hop co-star Cyn Santana also felt the wrath of Banks on Instagram.


Banks has also gotten into social media beef with Iggy Azealia and T.I., just to name a few.

Photos via Instagram


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