Azealia Banks Blames Pharrell For Poor Performance Of ‘ATM Jam’ [Details]

Rucuss staffNovember 12, 2013

Azealia Banks is disappointed with her lackluster sales of her latest single, ATM Jam.

Now Banks has decided to pick a fight with the producer of the song, Pharrell. She’s blaming the Neptunes producer for her poor record sales.

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Banks went on Twitter to vent her frustrations. She tweeted, “The reason ATM jam did poorly is because pharell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skincomeback.” 

Pharrell produced and is featured on the track, but he did not appear in the music video and didn’t promote the song.

Her tirade of tweets continued, “Lite skin niggas are funny. But fuck it what’s new? Azealia banks having to scrape claw and fight for what she wants. This is normal for me now.” Read her Twitter comments from the bottom up below.

Azealia Banks Tweets

Banks has decided to remove the song from her upcoming debut Broke With Expensive Taste.

She also stated,“Once I’m done w my contract with universal somebody better give me an office. I have so many big ideas about music industryinfrastructure. I just want to fix it all and smile smugly at my superiors from behind my glasses andcoffee mug.”


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