Awkward: Ashanti Talks to Ex Nelly About What He Looks For in a Woman [Video]

Rucuss staffApril 24, 2013

Nelly and Ashanti may not be a couple anymore, but that hasn’t stopped the two from helping the other out in a time of need.

Ashanti, who is an executive producer and anchor of Fuse News, wanted a little boost in ratings so she enlisted the help of her ex-boyfriend. The Army Wives star sat down with Nelly for a no hold barred interview.

Ashanti asked questions about his music to what he likes in a woman. Nelly looked surprised by some of the questions but did reveal a few details. The St. Louis rapper admitted he’s turned off by a woman with bad breath but loves a nice set of thighs. Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

On the evolution of Hip Hop:

“I think its changed as much as the rest of the world has changed. Obviously, when you look at mass media and everything that’s going on, I don’t think Hip Hop is an exception of not being  affected by everything else. I’m not here to judge if it’s in a good situation or a bad situation  because obviously hip hop is created for the youth. The youth have to make the same mistakes that we made, when we were young and growing up in it.”

On the type of girl he likes:

“Oh word? Let’s talk about that. Bad breath is a deal breaker, Someone who lacks the confidence within themselves, to understand who they are. I won’t say that’s a deal breaker, but I definitely think we would at some point hit that wall, and a nice set of thighs always help.”

On how he has changed:

“What I would tell myself then is appreciate what you are about to accomplish more while you are doing it. Everything goes by so fast when you do have those achievements and you never really soak that up. Sometimes, when you look back you remember, “Wow! That was  dope!”

On the story behind his Moses tattoo:

“I love the story of  Moses. I love the symbolism, being able to provide and lead your people to a  better situation. Obviously, I’m not trying to compare myself to Moses, I  definitely think the inspiration that you take from that, coming from nothing  back home and being able to lead my people to a better pasture so to speak. My whole city.

Watch the video below.


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