AW HELL NAH! 6-Year-Old Raps About Booty Popping, Director Defends It [Video]

Rucuss staffJuly 6, 2012

Six-year-old rapper Albert Roundtree, Jr.’s parents paid to film a music video in hopes that their son would become a famous rapper.

The rap video has gone viral but has come with plenty of backlash. Albert stars in the Booty Pop video that shows his face sandwiched between two bikini butts bouncing while he raps his lyrics. He uses a super soaker in some scenes to hose down gyrating chicks in bikinis.

The close to three-minute long video has angred plenty of viewers worldwide. Some have even said they were going to call child protective services.

“It’s supposed to be a joke, but I’d say about 30 percent of the people watching it find it funny,” said Tyler Council, president of Froze-N-Time Productions, told the Miami New Times. “But I still don’t regret it.”

Council admits Albert’s parents didn’t pay much for the video to be made. He revealed he’s working on Albert’s next video titled Girls, Girls, Girls.

“He’s just trying to imitate his idols that he hears on the radio,” said Council of Albert. “There’s no touching going on, there’s no drug abuse. I haven’t had time to think about anything besides ‘Booty Pop’ because it’s destroying the internet. His belly button is more important than Andy Griffith dying, and Obama getting the healthcare act past the Supreme Court. I think it’s ridiculous.”

Watch the video below.


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