Ashanti Talks Nelly, DeSean Jackson & Murda Inc With Breakfast Club [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 4, 2014

Ashanti is making the media rounds to promote her new album, Braveheart.

The Foolish singer stopped by The Breakfast Club and addressed plenty of rumors surrounding the star. Ashanti explained why she decided to go independent, her relationships with Nelly and Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson and what celebrities hurt her feelings.

Nelly And Ashanti Spotted Together At Parties, Are They Back Together?

Check out a few highlights from the interview below.

On Nelly:  “There was a space where it was bad.  Are we cool?  Yea.”  She said that they BOTH did each other wrong (this seemed to refer to “cheating” and stepping outside of the relationship).  She added that their biggest issue was that men and women handle “hurt” differently.  “There were things said and done publicly that should not have been.”

On seeing Nelly with other women:  “I’m very smart and I know him.  I knew what the facade was.”

On DeSean Jackson:  When asked if they were dating, she said “No.”  Moments later, she admitted to going to a game with him.  “I can’t go to a game? I went to the Knicks game.”

On other celebrities trying to get at her for sex: She says after her breakup with Nelly, she had a LOT of admirers.  “Being single, it was surprisingly to see who came after ‘it.’  Pun intended.”

On rapper Prodigy: Although they took a dance class together when they were kids, she did not release a photo of him wearing a tutu.

On going independent: She says she was offered seven record deals between 2009-2012, but they each “dug” into her pockets too much. She went independent so she could keep a higher percentage of her earnings.”

On Irv Gotti:  She insists they were NEVER lovers and didn’t speak for 6-7 years after she left Murder Inc.  She says they are in a better place now.

On baby hair:  She talked to Angela Yee about having “good hair” and said when G-Unit started making fun of her sideburns/baby hair, it really hurt her feelings.  So she paid extra attention to making sure her baby hair looked nice in videos and in pictures.

Watch the full interview below.


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