Argument Erupts Over Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Torrei’s Halloween Photo

Rucuss staffNovember 1, 2013

Comedian Kevin Hart and ex-wife Torrei Hart may be divorced, but that hasn’t stopped the two from going places as a family with their two kids.

Kevin, Torrei and their two kids spent Halloween together trick or treating. And after the event, Torrie posted the photo below on Instagram with the caption: “Happy Halloween from the Harts. @kevinhart4real said he was dressed up as himself. Booooooring!!!! Can you guess who I am? #halloween #fun ????”

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What appeared to be an innocent gesture from Torrei received plenty of negative and positive comments from social media. Once Torrei posted the photo R&B Divas LA star Lil Mo gave props to the couple.

Lil Mo wrote on Instagram,”I love this family!! #harts they funny as heck. I met them on an mtv show years ago and @sosobrat was there. Kev hosted. I sang. My shirt was mad small lol. I remember erthang. Torrei is hilarious too!! I loooove her spirit and realness!! OMG. I liiiiiive”

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Although Lil Mo didn’t see a problem with the photo, some didn’t feel the same way. A few believed Torrei was taking a jab at Kevin’s current girlfriend, Eniko Parish. Check out a few comments weighing in on the couple’s break-up and support below.

“Wow, y’all should have worked it out and stayed married.”

“And for the record (I just noticed your comment), no one is looking for drama… You said that in the interview and that’s why I responded that way… If you want people to believe that there’s no drama, then you should have not made that comment in that interview about Eniko. #JustSayin #MovingOn”

“I don’t think any jabs were made. Everyone in this photo has the last name Hart. And if you ladies have been following her, third isn’t the first time they have done things together with the kids. Mature adults are able to co-parent. People always trying to stir things up via previous comments”

“Thank you! At the end of the day, they created two other humans between the two of them. So they can’t be friends and co-parent without an ulterior motive? @torreihart is on her grown woman game and I’m sure wasn’t thinking about a third-party at that moment because her kids happiness on Halloween trumped that!!! Damn It’s a kids Holliday… was about the kids! Let little Hendrix & Heaven’s parents be great!”

Torrei was being nice because she cannot come off her throne to address peasants. I’m calling your messy ass out though! So what if she made a comment about “whasserface” in a video. So disrespect her family photo with insinuations and “he said-she said crap while tagging the other chick? Grow up! Crab in a bucket, disrespectful, one foot still in the sandbox having ass, drama infested troll. Now we’re done….moving on. Sorry @torreihart for the negativity this early in the morning. I will not continue addressing baby girl and her slop! Have a prosperous and profitable day everyone. TGIF!

Torrei later responded,”Thank you for seeing the positive @nunnyabeezwaxme and @kevinhart4real are great friends.@ask_adrianne I have no reason to throw shade at@neekibaby I’m in a great place and we have all moved on with our lives.”

She added,”People want drama. They can’t believe peace can really exists. #SMH”

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