Are Four Baby Mamas Enough, Did Lil Wayne Get Married?

Rucuss staffNovember 23, 2011

Lil Wayne doesn’t have baby mama drama.

Despite having four baby mothers with kids born only months a part, the rapper can invite them all to a party and they get along. Wayne can even cuddle and party with his girlfriend in front of them with hardly any drama.

Mediatakeout has even married him off to his current girlfriend Dhea Sodano. We highly doubt this to be true. But if it is, the couple allegedly got married in a non-traditional style wedding. Dhea was given two rings that she wears on her index finger and ring finger. Yeah, right!


Wayne recently partied it up with three of his baby mothers and his girlfriend at his 13-year old daughter Reginae’s party last Saturday. His baby mothers’ Toya, Nivea and Sarah, along with their kids were all in attendance. Lauren London and their son were missing in action,

Lil Wayne and Dhea

Dhea, Wayne and his brother

Sarah ViVan, Lil Wayne and Toya

Wayne’s baby mamas’ Sarah Vivan and ex-wife Toya

Sarah Vivan

Sarah Vivan and son Dwayne Carter III

Lil Wayne and his son Dwayne

Wayne and his son Dwayne Carter III

Neal Carter

Lil Wayne and singer Nivea’s son Neal aka Meatball

Nivea and Neal


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