AP.9 Shows Off Bedroom Photos of Coco, Text Conversation With Ice-T [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 5, 2013

AP.9 doesn’t want to be viewed as a groupie or fame whore.

The rapper simply wants to clear his name after Coco Austin said he leaked photos because he was a groupie. Now AP.9 has gone on a media tour to reveal dirty secrets about Coco to prove that the two had an affair.

Ap.9 stopped by San Francisco’s 106 KMEL and talked with DJ Sana G about Coco. He opens up about how she was in bed and whether her booty is real. He even reveals what gifts she bought him.

AP.9 Says He Had Sex With Coco Austin, She Denies It! [Details]

The Oakland rapper claims he had unprotected sex with Coco three times. He also said she bought him a Aston Martin with her husband Ice T’s money. Ap.9 even showed a photo of Coco’s naked butt, along with a text conversation with Ice T.

Watch Ap.9’s interview with Sang G below.


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