Another Fire Your Stylist Moment: Lala Anthony

Rucuss staffNovember 5, 2011

Reality star Lala Anthony was caught off guard.

Anthony, who usually has on a boat load of make-up, was plain-faced while walking the streets of NYC on Friday. She actually looked pretty good without the pancake foundation. Paparazzi caught Carmelo’s wife holding onto her loose fitted top while the same hand supported her Hermes bag.

LaLa Anthony

We’re guessing she didn’t want the wind to blow open her shirt and show her girls (breasts). But instead of focusing on her shirt she should have remembered to zip her jeans all the way up. But maybe she did and her jeans were just so tight that the zipper was forced down. We’re not sure what actually happened but someone should have noticed this slip up or shall we say slip down.

And while we’re on Ms. Vasquez Anthony, what was up with the head-piece she wore to Alicia Keys’ benefit the other night?

It was different and some may even liked it. But we think it wasn’t original being that her bestie Kim Kardashian wore a headpiece in her wedding.


Anthony you pay a stylish to come up with original accessories and outfits so the headpiece is an ultimate, FAIL! Better luck next time.

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