Another Fire Your Stylist Moment: Kimsha Artest

Rucuss staffNovember 15, 2011

Kimsha Artest returned to the Basketball Wives LA for the season finale Monday night.

While Basketball Wives is a reality show and clearly Kimsha doesn’t have a stylist. She may need to get one after what we witnessed last night. Kimsha, who hadn’t been on the show since the second episode, appeared in two different segments with cast member Jackie Christie. She may have only said 10 words the entire time but she did grace us with her presence.

And that leads us to our next point. Did you get a good look at Kimsha in the first segment when she sat with Jackie in the kitchen? If not, take a look below.

Do you see anything strange? Yes, she needs a perm and maybe some lipstick being that she’s on national TV. But that’s small compared to the object that’s in the top of her ear. We’re guessing two hoops just weren’t good enough. Kimsha wanted to set off her cotton shirt with another hoop earing at the top of her ear.

We’re at a loss for words, WOW!!!

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