Another Fire Your Stylist Moment: Kim Kardashian [Photos]

Rucuss staffOctober 3, 2012

Reality star Kim Kardashian used to set the fashion bar high.

Besides the sex tape and her curvaceous body, Kardashian’s stylish ensembles helped make her a bonafide fashion magazine staple. But lately she’s fallen off big time. She no longer sets trends but instead shows us what not to wear.

Ever since Kim allowed her boyfriend Kanye West to be her stylist, she has become a laughing-stock with some of her outfits. Quite frankly, they have been horrendous. It seems that either Kanye or Kim have gotten the seasons mixed up.

Kim rocks leather during the summer and white shoes doing the fall. Don’t believe us, check out her recent outfit she wore to lunch in Miami. She dined with Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa Pippen and her daughter Sophia.

Kim wore a denim shirt, blue pencil skirt and $1,100 Tom Ford Padlock Pumps. A mess! A few years ago, Kim wouldn’t have been caught dead in an outfit like this.

This look is not the most flattering for her. But the tacky blue ensemble is actually better looking than some of her other looks. Take a look below.

Can you believe Kim wore a leather skirt and leather boots in Hawaii in July?

We’re still trying to figure out why she wore those boots with that dress. Oh yea, this was during July too.

Some hated the dress but we think its okay. The boots throw it off. She wore them in June.

And if Kim wears these leather pants one more time! She’s probably worn them a dozen times during the summer. But it’s not too late for Kim.

She still has a massive following. All she has to do is fire her stylist and hire her old one back. Her mom Kris Jenner needs to step in and talk some sense into her. It’s becoming ridiculous.

Watch Kanye and his stylist raid Kim’s closet below.


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