Angie Stone Regrets Not Dating Idris Elba

Rucuss staffNovember 21, 2015

Angie Stone has some regrets in her life and she’s ready to share one.

Stone claims actor Idris Elba had a huge crush on her. In a recent interview, Stone reveals Elba wanted to date her after she broke up with singer D’Angelo, but she only wanted him as a friend.

Stone told Madame Noir:

“When Idris and I were working on that video [I Want to Thank You] Idris was actually crushing on me. The sad part about it is I wasn’t checking for him like that…for a very long time he made it very public that he was in love with Angie Stone and I had already been with D’Angelo…We did become very close, but not in that way.”

“Later I found out how he was going on with his homeboys about how I didn’t want to date him. But I had already gone out there on a limb about how I would never date Idris because he’s like my brother. So I had to stick to my guns. Do I regret it? Absolutely. But the one thing about is, I have the luxury of knowing he was digging me.”

Stone probably kicks herself everytime she sees Elba on the big screen. Watch Elba star in Stone’s video below.


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