Andrea Kelly Reportedly Divorced Brian McKee Because He Used Her For Money

Rucuss staffMay 17, 2014

Hollywood Exes star Andrea Kelly is a single woman again.

Kelly has divorced her husband Brian McKee after only three months of marriage. The couple tied the knot in March after less than a year of dating. Kelly and McKee met on a plane en route to Chicago. McKee never went back to his hometown after the encounter.

Kelly announced she was getting married during an episode of Hollywood Exes. After the show aired, women who McKee was currently or had previously dated began warning Kelly about her husband.

Sister 2 Sister magazine reports:

According to text messages, Brian had allegedly hit one woman up asking for financial support, listing the reasons why he needed money.

“I just got 3000 a month in bills with no job, car pmnt, student loans etc cell,” read the text allegedly sent by Brian. Jaylynn Umbleby and Drea exchanged Twitter messages on May 12 and Drea thanked Jaylynn for sharing the truth about Brian.

“I read you’re email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN,” Drea wrote. “I’M PROUD OF YOU!”

Drea has wasted no time ending the marriage and she’s now trying to move forward.

Project Child Support Proves Andrea Kelly Hired Them For Child Support Case

Kelly was previously married to singer R. Kelly. They have three children.


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