American Apparel Menstruation T-Shirt Receives Backlash [Details]

Rucuss staffOctober 8, 2013

Women’s groups are outraged by American Apparel’s latest ‘Period’ shirt.

The T-shirt features a drawing by artist Petra Collins of a woman masturbating while her vagina is leaking blood. American Apparel describes the shirt as a, “self-pleasing artwork” — on its popular Power Washed Tee. The shirt is on sale for $32 at American Apparel’s online store under: “The Ardorous X American Apparel Period Power Washed Tee.”

The shirt is available in one color: white, and it comes in women’s and men’s sizes.

American Apparel Period Power Tee


Petra Collins curates The Ardorous, an “all-female online art platform” that sells a similarly expressive ‘wet tee,’ among other designs, at American Apparel exclusively.

wet tee

Half of the proceeds from sales of the shirts goes to The Ardorous. Would you wear this shirt?

Photos via Huffington Post and American Apparel


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