Amber Rose Talks About Kanye, Wiz Khalifa and Beef With Funkmaster Flex

Rucuss staffSeptember 29, 2011


Many know Amber Rose as the former girlfriend of rapper Kanye West.

But Rose says she’s more than an ex-girlfriend of a famous rapper. Rose, whose now in a relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa, went on New York’s Hot 97 to confront Peter Rosenberg. She wanted to respond to his recent tweets about why he couldn’t understand how chicks like Rose are writing books and getting famous off of dating famous celebrities.

Rose explained why she doesn’t believe she’s famous because of Kanye. She also discussed how much she loves Wiz Khalifa and why she can’t stand Funkmaster Flex.

Here’s some of the interview:

On being famous

“When I was on Foxxhole Radio, I said ‘Kanye was engaged to a girl. He was with a girl for 6 years. She went to Fashion Week with him, she got photographed  with him everywhere, pretty much the same type of relationship me and Kanye had but she didn’t become famous. No one cared about her. It wasn’t a dissed towards her, it’s just that, when people say “Kanye made me famous.” I don’t feel that way. I feel like my association with him, getting photographed all over the place, like people had an interest in me. That’s not my fault that I became really popular. I haven’t said a word in two years. I didn’t even try. I didn’t do any interviews . Til this day I haven’t said anything bad about Kanye. Girls that come from where I come from in Philly, they would have dogged him out for money. They would have written a book about him. They would have said so much foul stuff. I’m just not that type of person. I don’t have to speak about someone who I loved and cared about in that way. We really loved and cared about each other. No one paid me. There’s no gag order. That’s not real life.”

On stripping at Sue’s and meeting Kanye

“When I was 15, I was homeless so I took it upon myself to go out and make money. I wasn’t a prostitute, I didn’t trick off. I was well-respected in Sue’s [Strip Club]. A lot of guys in the industry go there and they all tried to holla and they never got the time of day with me. The men in the industry that tried to holla, they know what it is. When I met my ex [Kanye], it was chemistry. We fell in love. He flew me out to do a Robocop video that never came out. We  shot the video and hung out real tough. We were just good friends and fell in love. I never went back home. I flew out for the video and stayed, for two years.”

On how she feels about the remarks Kanye makes about her in songs

“I have the opportunity to dog him out in front of the whole New York right  now but I’m not that person. He’s bitter and I’m not. I don’t care to talk about him, but he can talk about me all day. I don’t feel the need to talk [bad] about him to validate who I am.”

On being criticized for tweeting pics of Ghana people

“Would they rather me pop bottles on a yacht in Ghana?  I’ll be damned if  you do or damned if you don’t.”

On Funkmaster Flex

“I hate Funkmaster Flex. He’s an asshole man. A Dick. He’s just ignorant in every single way possible. He’s just an ignorant person. Everything he says is just rude and ignorant. When everyone comes in and talks to him, he kisses everyone’s ass and then when they leave, he talks about everybody. When they come in the studio, ‘be real’.”

On Wiz Khalifa

“I never loved like this in my life. He is my life. I would die for him. That’s how much I love him. We will get married. We will have babies but we have time. We have the rest of our lives. We always say, we are going to be together forever, but when it happens it happens. We’re not in a  rush.”

Check out the interview below.


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