Amber Rose Debuts New Song ‘Fame’ Featuring Wiz-Khalifa [Audio]

Rucuss staffJanuary 10, 2012

Amber Rose is in pursuit of a music career.

Rose released her first single “Fame” Tuesday morning. It features a verse from her boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. She gives a first-hand account of the ups and downs of the glamorous life. The former video vixen sings over a pop beat while she tells people it’s not easy to be her.

“The song represents the ups and downs of fame and lets people know that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be,” Amber told RapFix. “I have my own unique sound, I make music that I love and I hope that my fans and the people that embrace me will love it also!”

Rose said Khalifa was played an instrumental role in her music but he didn’t hear the song until it was complete.

“I made the entire song and then sent it to him,” Rose said. “He was overseas on tour at the time. He thought the track was dope and I asked him if he would be on it, he said definitely.”

Here’s a verse from Rose’s song:

being blindsided by all the lights,
The questions one made up
like these rumors were made up,
Can’t shop for clothes.
or by some cigs
Without paparazzi looking for a flick.
This is a new situation.
You’re an overnight sensation.”

Check out audio of the Amber’s song below.


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