Alicia Keys Wants Another Child, But Not Right Now

Rucuss staffNovember 8, 2011

Singer Alicia Keys wants another addition to her family.

But Keys has to wait awhile. You see, the songstress must go on tour before she can pump out anymore kids. Keys, 30, and husband Swizz Beatz just had baby Egypt last October.

“I definitely see myself having another child, but not in the next year,” she told the New York Post. I’m going to have to go on tour first.”

Keys and Beatz are still enjoying son Egypt, who celebrated his birthday in October.

“His birthday came [last month] and there are like a hundred, billion, trillion thousand gifts,” she told “That can’t happen for Christmas. I need to figure this out now because he’s not going to be this terror 5-year-old child [shouting], ‘Give me!’

So sorry folks, rumors that Keys is pregnant are false. It doesn’t matter how big her stomach appears at times. Keys and Beatz have been married since August of 2010. They’ve weathered through cheating rumors and battles with Beatz’ ex-wife Mashonda, along with other baby mamas. They’re still hanging in there.

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