Alicia Keys Performs ‘Poetic Justice’ With Kendrick Lamar at Sold Out Concert! [Video]

Rucuss staffMarch 13, 2013

Alicia Keys showed off her curves and performed some of her biggest hits during her Set The World On Fire tour stop at the Staples Center.

Keys wore an oversized fedora, sequin body suit and black fitted pants during her performance in front of a sold out show. Keys balanced her ballads with uptempo songs to keep the sold out crowd on their feet.

And since the show was in Los Angeles, Keys decided to bring out one of their biggest rap stars. In the middle of her set, she began singing Janet Jackson’s Any Time, Any Place before the beat dropped to Lamar’s Poetic Justice. The crowd went crazy as he hit the stage, dressed in all white.

Check out a few photos from the concert, along with the performance below.

 photo ake10_zps819dc483.jpg

 photo ake7_zps37ec5404.jpg

 photo ake2_zpsbedd7a96.jpg

Photos via YBF and LA Weekly


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