Adrien Broner Explains Why He Dissed Jay Z & Rejected Roc Nation’s Offer

Rucuss staffJanuary 12, 2015

Boxer Adrien Broner certainly does not lack confidence.

When Roc Nation Sports offered him a $40 million deal, he didn’t just laugh at it. Broner ripped Jay Z and Rihanna during the process. The three-time champ posted a scathing rant on Facebook about the offer and why he’s not excepting it.

“These the type emails I turn down,” Broner wrote on Facebook. “F-ck JAYZ Sh-t real out here #AboutBillions What the f-ck is 40 million for 5 years ha somebody go tell JAYZ to suck my d-ck with a elephant tongue WE GOOOOOD!!!!!!”

Broner also told TMZ that Roc Nation Sports offered him $40 million for five years. He said the proposal was “bullshit.” He thought Jay Z should have gotten in contact himself. He also stood by his initial statements.

“It is what it is, because at the end of the day, I felt disrespected,” he said. “If you’re gonna come to me and tell me that I’m gonna fight two times a year, getting $8 million a year for five years straight? You got me fucked up.”

TMZ switched the topic to Rihanna and Broner had some choice words for the singer too.

“Man, f*ck Rihanna,” he said. “No disrespect. Rihanna ain’t gon make me no dollar and she don’t make no dollar for me, man. At the end of the day, she gon’ give me some p*ssy and that’s it.”

50 Cent, who Broner has hung around many times, didn’t agree with his reaction to the offer. The In the Club rapper said he should have taken the offer. Watch 50 Cent’s response to Broner turning down the money below.


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