Adele Shows Off Her 19th Century 10 Bedroom Mansion [Photos]

Rucuss staffFebruary 16, 2012

It was the Adele Show at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night.
The London native won six Grammys and had trouble carrying them all during photo ops. But little did we know she had no problem finding space to display her gold trophies. Adele showed off her 19th century mansion that sits on a 25-acre West Sussex pasture in an interview with Anderson Cooper. The estate is reportedly worth $7 million but the 23-year old is not ready to shell out that money yet. She’s currently renting the estate.
The red brick mansion has 10 bedrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court and staff cottage. Adele’s new home is vastly different from the flat her and her mom lived in above a London bargain shop.
Check out the photos below.
Watch the video of Adele showing off her house.


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