911 Call By NFL Player Dez Bryant’s Mother Released [Audio]

Rucuss staffJuly 18, 2012

The 911 call made by Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant’s mother has been released.

In an emotional 911 call, Bryant’s mother can be heard telling friends that her son “tried to kill me” and she’s going to “put an end to it today.” Angela D. Bryant told police her son hit her across the face with a ball cap, pulled her hair, tore her shirt and bra, and repeatedly struck her hands and wrists when she tried to push him away, according to records released Tuesday by the DeSoto, Texas Police Department.

“Babe, I can’t keep letting him do this. . . . I can’t let him do me like this, Angela Bryant, 37, told someone else in the room at a nearby house during her 911 call to police. “I’m tired. I’m going to put an end to it today.”

Bryant’s mother indicated during the 911 call that this was not the first time she was assaulted by her son. She provided a written statement detailing the alleged assault to police.

Bryant, who allegedly got into an altercation with his mother on Saturday at her home, surrendered to authorities on Monday on a Class A misdemeanor warrant for assault with bodily injury. He immediately posted $1,500 bond. If convicted, he faces up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. Bryant also faces discipline under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

Listen to the 911 call below.

Photos via Dallas Morning News


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