60-Something Woman Talks About Meeting Jay-Z On Subway Train: ‘It Was Very Energizing’ [Video]

Rucuss staffDecember 5, 2012

Millions of Jay-Z fans wished they were in Ellen Grossman’s shoes back in October.

Grossman got the chance to meet Jay-Z while riding on the subway. Hova took the train while he was filming his documentary, Where I’m From. Jay entered the subway at Canal Street and sat next to Grossman. At first the 67-year old had no idea who he was until she asked him if he was famous? Jay responded,”Yes. But not very famous …you don’t know me. But I’ll get there someday.”

Jay eventually told the woman his full name and she replied,”Oh I know who you are.”

Well, New York Magazine interviewed Grossman about her experience on the subway with Jay-Z. As it turns out, Grossman is a well-known visual artist in New York. Read about her experience below:

“I was on a fairly sparsely populated subway car, and I was sitting in the corner,” she explained. “At Canal Street, a surge of people got on, and since my son was in the buildings on 9/11, my first reaction was that there had  been a disaster upstairs. But everyone was laughing and smiling. My second reaction was, ‘Oh there’s a flash mob.’

“They were filming this one guy that I didn’t recognize, which is why I said, ‘Are you famous?’” she recalled. “As the conversation evolved, I realized, He’s really famous!” So I said, ‘What  was your name again?’ When he finally said Jay-Z, it clicked. “I thought about  R&B … rap, that music, which I listen to occasionally because I want to be in touch.”

“It was very energizing talking to Jay-Z. Just who he is, not having to do with all the cameras, but he really, genuinely spreads an aura of empowerment around him,” she gushed. “And I suspect he was always able to do that even before fame. It’s not just directed at younger people. I picked up that feeling, too.”

Watch Jay-Z and Grossman’s exchange below.

Watch the full documentary below.


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