Beyonce Can No Longer Hide Her Growing Baby Bump [Details]

Rucuss staffJanuary 18, 2016

There’s only two explanations for Beyonce’s appearance lately.

Bey is either in love with the frumpy, want to lose weight look or she’s trying to conceal a baby bump. The 34-year old and her husband Jay Z have been spotted out on several occasions where she is wearing oversized clothing and attempting to cover up her midsection. She hasn’t worn her usual tight fitting ensembles.

For years, Beyonce had reportedly been trying several options to conceive. After the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy, the singer admitted her struggles to conceive after 30, since the rate of miscarriage is so much higher as well as the chance of conceiving a child with down syndrome.

But it appears that something has worked, and Queen Bee may be pregnant. Check out a recent photo that shows a bump through her shirt below.


If the rumors are true, congratulations are in order for Bey and Jay.

Photos via Instagram


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