Sean Kingston Was Reportedly Kidnapped Over A Watch [Details]

Rucuss staffNovember 23, 2015

Sean Kingston found himself in a sticky situation in Los Angeles.

Kingston had a meeting with some LA jewelers that went terribly wrong. According to TMZ, Kingston filed a police report alleging that he was briefly kidnapped during an exchange set up by representatives of Avianne Jewelers on Tuesday night.

Kingston claims he purchased a $225,000 watch from the company and made a deposit of $185,000, but neglected to pay the rest because he didn’t believe the watch was worth any more money. But the jeweler disagreed. The jeweler set up a meeting for Kingston to exchange the watch for a less expensive one at 1:50 a.m. in a parking lot in downtown L.A..

At the meeting, the jeweler allegedly took Kingston’s watch, but refused to give him the less expensive one promised to him. Kingston became very angry, demanding the watch back and refused to exit their car.

Kingston claims the jeweler and his crew then locked him in the car, drove to a remote area, and dumped him out of the vehicle. If this is true, it would constitute a legal kidnapping of the singer.

Later, Kingston went on Twitter to assure his fans that he was okay and that he was looking further into the matter.


Avianne Jewelers has not commented on the matter. This isn’t Kingston’s first run-in with a jeweler. Earlier this year, he was sued for $356,000 by Avi Da Jeweler after failing to pay for a number of purchases.


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