50 Cent Super Bowl Bet: Will Tweet Nude Photo If Giants Lose

Rucuss staffJanuary 26, 2012

Rapper 50 Cent won a substantial sports bet last week.

50 Cent is $500,000 richer after placing a bet on the odds of the New York Giants making it to the Super Bowl. 50 was a happy camper after the Giants beat the San Francisco 49ers 20-17.

50 showed off his winnings on Twitter. He posted a photo to his page with the caption, “Just watched a 500,000 dollar football game… Some times I hear voices in my head they tell me thing. Like bet on GIANTS so I listen.”

Now, 50 is taking his betting to another level. The rapper has raised the stakes for the Super Bowl, accepting a nude wager from one of his Twitter followers.

A fan named @MyBestAssets tweeted at 50, “Lets bet. If the Giants lose the Superbowl, u must post ur d— on the twitter. If they win, I’ll post my boobs & face. Bet?” Surprisingly, 50 tweeted back, “Ok.”

Will 50 Cent really tweet nude photos of himself if his team loses? We’ll see what happens after the Giants play the New England Patriots on Feb. 5.


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