50 Cent Accepts $5 Million Offer, Claims He Will Knock Floyd Mayweather Out! [Details]

Rucuss staffNovember 9, 2012

50 Cent is the master of self promotion.

It’s been his stick since he burst into spotlight. The New York rapper has never backed down from a challenge so why should he stop now? Fifty is at odds with his former friend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and he recently revealed he wants to make money from the feud.

After Fifty and Mayweather exchanged insults on Twitter last week, billionaire Alki David and Celebrity Boxing owner Damon Feldman offered $5 million for the two to fight in a boxing ring. And Fifty has accepted the offer.

But there are a few stipulations. Fifty and Mayweather must fight for three two-minute rounds, RumorFix.com reports. The men must wear headgear and oversized boxing gloves. The fight will stream live on Filmon.com and Battlecam.com, which is David and Feldman’s websites.

50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Trade Insults On Twitter, 50 Hires Floyd’s Dad! [Details]

No word on whether Mayweather will do it, but if so Fifty admits he needs a little time to get into shape. Fifty claims he’s too big and would knock Mayweather out in his current shape. Check out his tweets below.

If the fight does happen it would be an uneven match up. Fifty is six feet and weighs over 200 pounds, while Mayweather is only 5-foot-8, 146 pounds. We highly doubt Mayweather will accept the offer. The boxer currently makes $40 million a fight so $5 million is like pocket change to him.


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