5 Outfits Guys Secretly Hope You’ll Wear

Rucuss staffSeptember 11, 2011


Women get excited about dates.

Most agree that picking the perfect outfit usually is the most complex part of the preparation process. They’ll spend hours in an attempt to look their best.

Whether to go sexy, comfortable or casual is always at the top of the list of decisions to make. Women will try on many outfits and stare in the mirror before they pick the perfect one for the date. Sometimes, they a change of heart with their selection during the date but by then its too late.

Well never fear, Redbook talked to a 50-man focus group and got the low down of what men like to see women wear. Take a look:

Simply sexy dresses

Seems guys are befuddled by bells and whistles (or, as one of them put it, “anything that’s bedazzled and glittery, like she’s about to audition for a music video”). And anyway, what could be better than a no-frills, and hence perfect-for-ever-and-ever, dress? Good advice from Lou, 27: “Keep it basic and let your curves do the talking.”

Jeans and a white tank

Fuss-free is key when it comes to denim: Men just don’t get the appeal of jeggings, funky washes, and superhigh waistlines. But “jeans that are not too tight, not too trendy, like these, are perfect,” says Aram, 30. “And with a tank top, they’re casual and hot.” Adds Gabriel, 33: “Her outfit says, ‘I can look great without trying.’ It has an innate sexiness.”

A pencil skirt and classic heels

Surprisingly, lots of guys thought minis weren’t all that sexy. “Short skirts don’t leave enough to the imagination,” summed up Joel, 27. As for platform heels? “Tacky,” deadpanned Charlie, 42. Which is where this iconic sexy-librarian look packs a punch: “She looks respectable yet flirtatious and inviting,” says Josef, 28. “I’d take her home to Mama!”

Pretty undies (natch)

Okay, so maybe you have heard how much men hate what one gentleman called “old-lady panties.” But ultimately, as much as guys love lacy underthings, the most important factor is not that it’s the size of a postage stamp but that it makes you feel pretty. As Eric, 33, said, “Anything she wears that I can tell makes her feel amazing is hot. Even better if that something is lingerie.”




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